Ethanol Europe’s parent company has changed its name to ClonBio Group Ltd, Our sister company Pannonia Bio,, has also changed its name. Ethanol Europe will continue to advocate on policy issues impacting the corn ethanol industry. 


Our mission is to advance the bioeconomy in ways that benefit the global climate and rural communities at the same time.  

We are dedicated to supplying verified sustainable bio-products into European markets.  The energy and material products that we sell displace oil-derived fuels and plastics.  

The nutrition products that we bring to market displace feed that is GMO, laced with antibiotics or otherwise poses risks to the human food chain.


Ethanol Europe hopes that by 2020, Europe:

  • displaces close to 10% of its transport sector energy with sustainable biofuels, made from feedstock originating from European farms;
  • begins the process of replacing fossil plastics and chemicals with bio-based alternatives, made from value chains that start and end in Europe; and
  • starts to facilitate incentives for European farmers to invest in sustainable intensification of their farms and rural communities in order to reverse the rural decline that has typified much of the European landscape over the past two decades.


Pannonia Bio

Pannonia Bio, located in Dunafoldvar, Hungary, is the largest ethanol production facility in Europe, every year producing over 500 million litres of ethanol, 325 000 tons of DDGS, and 12 000 tons of corn oil.  Supporting over 5 000 direct and indirect rural jobs in Hungary, Pannonia’s ethanol every year achieves larger and larger GHG savings, while EU-produced ethanol in general already achieves on average more than 60% savings.

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Pannonia Gold

For every ton of ethanol produced by Pannonia, one ton of Pannonia Gold DDGS is also produced.  This GMO free, anti-biotic free high protein feed is essential for reducing Europe’s chronic protein deficit.

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Other Investments

Ethanol Europe is bringing new products and new investments to market.  Stay tuned.

Policy Initiatives

E10 in UK

In March 2020 the UK Department for Transport announced that it is considering the introduction of the E10 petrol standard from 2021, as a measure to help reduce CO2 emissions from petrol vehicles, enable the UK meet its emissions reductions targets and support the development of the bioeconomy.  

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Agro Inno Show

Agro Inno Show is the first event in a series held in one of the centers of agricultural production in Hungary to demonstrate the innovation potential in crop production and show that it can grow sustainably.

Our aim is to share knowledge and experience of the latest technologies of sustainable crop production available on the market. Hopefully, participants may have been inspired to invest in sustainable intensification of crop production technologies.

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Ethanol Europe

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